Our HARMONY herbal leys are specialist herbage mixtures recommended for utilisation in the low-rainfall (dry midsummer) areas of the UK.

Each mixture is designed to give good persistence in difficult, stressful growing conditions. They will sustainably produce quality forage for grazing or hay/silage production.

HARMONY herbal leys contain strong rooting grasses and herbs to enhance the soil structure/texture of the soil and will, with good sward management, retain a thick sward that will reduce the weed build-up in the sward.

Available in 1 Acre bags as either Organic or Conventional seed.


Designed specifically to provide quality grazing for livestock, this long-term grazing ley will last 5+ years.

HARMONY Grazing Herbal Ley contains herb species which will survive and flourish in a grazing management situation where the herbage is grazed at regular intervals or is continuously grazed (as in set stocking).


Designed specifically to provide quality conservation forage for livestock, this long-term grazing ley will last 3+ years.

HARMONY Cutting Herbal Ley contains herbs selected to withstand the competition from the ley’s companion grasses and contribute to the overall yield.


This superior mixture of 9 grasses, 3 legumes and 5 herbs has been designed to offer flexibility as it can be either grazed, cut – or both. You can expect it to last 5+ years.

Careful selection of grass and herb species for our HARMONY Dual-Purpose Herbal Ley enables the herbs to fully release their potential benefits.

Environmental Stewardship:

All of our HARMONY herbal leys meet the criteria for environmental schemes GS4 and AECS.

For more information, please download our Grass Mixtures Brochure