Western Seeds has grown from farming roots to become a specialist independent seed Company, principally involved in conventional and organic seeds, and farm consultancy.

Our aim is to supply the highest quality seed at the most competitive price. We operate strict batch controls and conduct regular germination tests – we never compromise on quality.

We have no vested interests in particular varieties, nor are we tied to any particular supplier. This gives us the freedom and independence to select the best varieties for our customer’s individual requirements.

Our field trials over forty years, throughout the U.K. on our own and selected farms have given us in-depth knowledge of variable situations and conditions, reflected in the advice and variety of products offered to individual customers.

Our Company has its feet firmly on the ground—we are, practical, hands on, out in the fields, examining leys, conducting trials, discussing with farmers and much more.

Pick up the phone and you will speak to friendly, informed, practical, experienced staff. We are not simply order takers but have a personal interest in each and every enquiry, offering advice where needed on farm management, rotations, seed varieties and all relevant queries, helping our customers to select the best, most appropriate product for their particular circumstances.

We are an outward-looking progressive Company, always looking the future to revitalise, improve, and enthuse farmers today and tomorrow. Seeds are your business—they are ours as well

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