Our Equine HERBS Mixture contains a balanced mix of four herbs: Chicory, Sheep’s Parsley, Burnet and Ribgrass.

These four herbs have been selected for their deep roots (which can stretch down to 2 meteres in depth) and for their palatability to horses.

The deep roots of the herbs bring minerals up from the soil depths and their tap roots help to break up compressed soil, so allowing water and oxygen to get down to the grass roots, so improving grass growth.

The seed can be added to your preferred grass seed to create your own herbal ley for re-seeding, or over-sown on to your existing paddocks to improve the quality of the grazing.

Delivered in 1 Kilo packs.

Sow at 250 - 500 grams per acre.

To order, please call or email us with your requirements:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44(0)1834 861 904