What is Arable Silage?

Western Seeds (WS) Arable Silage Mixtures are a blend of cereal and forage peas and are unique in the UK.

Highly recommended as a cover crop when reseeding a new grass ley, they work well with good (Organic or Conventional) arable/grass farm rotations.

They are designed to ensure the successful reseeding of a new ley in such a way that you get the full potential from the grass mixture sown, maximising profits over the length of the ley.

Our Arable Silage is NOT a wholecrop. This is a common misunderstanding.

Wholecrop is usually harvested in 15 to 16 weeks, when the grain is at milky stage. This is not good for re-seeding because the cereal cover is on the seedling grass for too long. The result is too much grass being lost due to lack of light and a thin weedy ley that doesn’t perform well.

We Provide Four Arable Silage Mixtures:

  • REWARD - conventional spring barley/spring forage pea mixture
  • LIBERTY - conventional spring oats/spring forage pea mixture
  • DUET - organic spring barley/spring forage pea mixture
  • TRIUMPH - organic spring oats/spring forage pea mixture

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The Benefits of WS Arable Silage

Our Arable Silage mixtures produce very palatable high protein, high sugar forage with the following benefits:

  • Harvested in just 9 to 10 weeks (approx. 35% DM), yielding 6 x 600 kilo (approx.) big bales per acre.
  • No rats in the big bales or clamps – because there is no grain in the arable silage for them to eat
  • Makes up for any loss of silage production when sowing grass in spring
  • Allows you to produce a weed-free, thick, dense new ley which is clean (worm-free) in just 9-10 weeks
  • You achieve better establishment of clover, especially red clover