BANNER is a 5+ year, dual-purpose white clover herbal ley specifically formulated to improve the yield and quality of herbage in farming areas where summer drought is a common occurrence.

The mixture contains herbs (PUNA II Chicory and Agri Tonic Plantain) to increase summer yield and palatability, as well as the festulolium grass AberNiche which has a superior water/nutrient searching root system.

BANNER will give you:

  • Early high-quality spring growth for grazing
  • A large cut of silage/hay and grazing before lack of rainfall temporarily restricts herbage growth
  • A thick, persistent sward – which helps control forage and arable weeds
  • Highly palatable forage with increased summer yields
  • Produces a large root system to improve the soil’s structure

Available as Organic or Conventional seed in 1 Acre (13 Kilo) bags.

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