Our Brassica Plus mixtures combine all the benefits of our forage brassica mixtures with the additional benefits of added vetch. The Vetch:

  • Improves the palatability of the feed
  • Increases Nitrogen availability for future cropping in the spring
  • Gives the possibility of grazing the vetch in spring, before ploughing

Three mixtures are available:

SPRINT PLUS - a mixture of Forage Rape and Vetch

RAPID PLUS - a mixture of Rape/Kale/Stubble Turnips and Vetch

TEMPO PLUS - a mixture of Stubble Turnips & Vetch

Available as 70% Organic seed, or as Conventional seed.

These mixtures fulfill the requirements for multi-species cover crops for Action 4 of the Sustainable Farm Incentive Agri Grant Scheme.

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