BRAVO is a long-term ley formulated to give an early bite of grass for ewes in milk, or an earlier turn-out for dairy cows.

With its thick, hard-wearing sward it is ideal for grazing but can, if required, produce a quality silage cut.

The ryegrasses used in BRAVO are all high D-value and high sugar grasses – so have excellent palatability and digestibility.

The inclusion of AberDai and AberHerald white clovers can provide up to 60+ Kg nitrogen per acre to the grass – so saving you money on expensive fertiliser.

BRAVO will give you:

  • A thick, persistent, hard-wearing sward
  • An early bite for livestock
  • A quality cut of silage, if required

Available in 1 Acre (13 Kilo) bags, as conventional seed.

PUNA II Chicory and AGRI TONIC Plantain can be supplied with BRAVO

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