Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some questions we are often asked by farmers new to growing Combicrop®.

However, if you can not find the answer to your question, then please call us - our agronomist experts will be pleased to help you.

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"How do I Prepare the Seedbed?"

Seedbed preparation is the same as for all cereals.

"Do I have to make any Special Adjustments to the Seed Drill?"

No. Simply calibrate the seed drill as you would for any cereal seed.

"How Deep do I Drill?"

Drill at 2-4 cms (the same as cereals). Combicrop® must be drilled not broadcast.

"Will the Peas Ripen at the Same Time as the Cereal?"

The peas will ripen before the wheat or oat companion crop and will wait in the cover of the crop until the cereal (with the pea) is ready to combine.

The peas will ripen at the same time as the barley companion crop.

"Will I have to Make any Special Adjustments to My Combine?"

No adjustments are needed on your combine to achieve a first-class Combicrop® harvest - other than the routine adjusments every combine operator would normally make for cereals.

"What Yield can I Expect?"

No lower than a spring cereal but usually considerably higher - with the big advantage of up to 50% increased protein in the crop.

"Is the Straw good for Feeding?"

Yes. All cereal/pea Combicrop® straw is good for feeding to stock and has increased palatability - especially straw from Combicrop® HERALD and Combicrop® WINNER.

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