Organic CROWN Combicrop® is a precise blend of Spring Oats and a combining pea.

Organic CROWN is best sown as your last combining crop in your tillage rotation as it will yield better than other Combicrops® in lower fertility situations.

It will give a total crop yield equal to, and in many cases higher, than straight oats.

  • Combine dry to produce a feed concentrate meal that is high in starch with 14% to 18% protein (50% to 60% more than straight oats)
  • Wholecrop fermented harvested at 25% to 45% dry matter to feed on its own or with grass silage as a forage for stock

Growing Organic CROWN gives you a WIN – WIN situation as it not only provides the protein needed for your livestock but also gives the crop a dramatic boost of nitrogen. It is also a soil conditioner that will leave the soil structure very much improved after harvest.

Sow at 75 Kilos per acre

Available as:

- 100% Organic for combining dry

- 70% Organic for Wholecrop

Sow at 75 kilos per acre

Delivered in 500 Kilo, 250 Kilo and 25 Kilo bags – mixed and ready for you to drill.

To maximise the productivity and profitability of the field we recommend that you undersow CROWN Combicrop® with organic PREMIUM.

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