ELEVATE is designed specifically for arable farmers without stock and for horticulturalists looking to improve the nitrogen content of their soils without resorting to expensive artificial inputs.

  • Substantially increases soil nitrogen avaialbility for future croping
  • Improves soil structure and texture

The perennial ryegrass included in this mixture helps to hold the nitrogen produced by the clovers and to improve the soil structure and texture.

Sow at 9 Kilos per acre after harvesting winter cereals/vegetables and control growth by topping for 1-2 years, before incorporating into the soil.

Available in 9 Kilo (1 Acre) bags, Organic seed, or as Conventional seed.

TOP TIP: For Horticulturalists/Market Gardeners, we recommend following ELEVATE with a brassica crop in your rotations.

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