Grazing Rye is available as Organic or Conventional seed, with or without VETCH.

Sow September - October at a rate of 75 Kilos per acre, preferably in a free-draining, dry, sheltered field.

Grazing rye has a large, fibrous rooting system which improves the soil structure and helps reduce erosion over winter.

Rye is a potent allelopathic crop, producing benzoxazinoids and phenolic compounds which minimise weed growth over autumn - winter - spring.

Grazing Rye has the following benefits:

  • Helps build humus & improves soil structure
  • Helps minimise soil nutrient loss over the winter months – reducing possible water pollution of streams & rivers
  • Where vetch is included, enhances soil nitrogen in spring for future cropping
  • Provides an early bite of high-quality forage (grazed or zero-grazed), which is especially important if forage (winter feed or early grazing area) is in short supply
  • Considerably reduces spring germinating weeds, when incorporated into the soil by digging/ploughing in spring

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