LUCERNE is a cutting forage that will thrive in deep, free-draining, dry soil conditions. As such, it is particularly valuable in those areas which can experience low rainfall in the growing season – such as dry coastal locations and rain shadow areas inland.

LUCERNE prefers a soil lime analysis of pH 7+. It is deep rooting and produces its own root symbiotic nitrogen. This means it requires only phosphate and potash from the bag, or NPK from your own farm manure.

Buying the correct variety of LUCERNE for growing in the UK is vitally important – we do not sell southern European varieties as these will not thrive in our colder, wetter winters.

Given a suitable location and the correct growing conditions, LUCERNE from Western Seeds will:

  • Give impressive quantities of cut fodder
  • Produce a high-protein forage which works well with high-starch wholecrop in quality forage dietsA thick, weed-supressing sward with good persistency in low rainfall areas

Available as Organic or Conventional seed.

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