MELIOR is an outstanding herbage mixture unique to Western Seeds.

It contains quality high D-value grasses as well as white clover.

MELIOR will give you:

  • At least four cuts of high-quality forage a year – over five years with good crop management
  • Produces a thick sward – can be used as a grazing ley giving an early-bite for cows, cattle & sheep
  • Residual nitrogen in the soil for future cropping
  • Improved soil structure with added humus
  • Available to harvest at the same time as MAGNUM, our Red and White Clover Silage Ley

Available as Organic or Conventional seed in 1 Acre (13 Kilo Organic/13.5 Kilo Conventional) bags.

Also available as MELIOR PLUS with the addition of PUNA II Chicory and AGRI TONIC Plantain to create a herbal ley.

For more information, please download our brochure