Organic MELODY is a precise blend of wheat, barley and oats developed specifically as a cereal Wholecrop.

Cereal crop disease can severely affect the forage quality of Wholecrop, but Organic MELODY is proven to considerably lessen the infection of leaf / root diseases in the cereal crop.

Organic MELODY is a precise mixture supplied with the same constant ratio of each cereal species, so that no single cereal species dominates the crop.

Organic MELODY - Cereal Blend:

  • Is designed as an Organic Wholecrop
  • Uses only the best cereal varieties available
  • Is proven to considerabley lessen disease in the crop

    • Delivered in 600 Kilo, 300 Kilo and 25 Kilo bags – mixed and ready for you to drill.

      Organic Farmers: To maximise the productivity and profitability of the field we recommend that you undersow MELODY with PREMIUM.

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