Available in 15 Kilo bags, as Organic seed, or as Conventional seed.

Sow at 4-5 Kilos per Acre.

This versatile mixture has been designed specifically as a cover crop. It can be used to under-sow spring cereals and maize, after harvest of winter cereals, or after harvesting vegetables in horticulture.

PREMIUM has the following benefits:

  • Enables sustainability of spring-sown cereal cropping
  • Increased weed control in cereal crops
  • Improves soil structure & texture
  • Reduces soil erosion and nutrient loss over winter
  • Improved wildlife cover over winter
  • Maximum yield of clover residual nitrogen for the next crop
  • Provides clean (worm-free) grazing after harvest of the under-sown cereal in autumn, winter and early spring
  • Can be utilised as a one-year cropping break in rotations

PREMIUM and Agri Grant Schemes

  • Sown after winter-sown cereals have been harvested, it is suitable for the English Agri Grant Scheme: SAM2
  • Used to undersow maize, it is suitable for the Welsh Agri Grant Scheme: Option 9

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