Do you have a wet-lying, poorly drained field which is difficult to manage successfully? Most farms do!

The problem with such fields is that perennial ryegrasses tend not to persist in very wet soils over the winter. Within a short space of time the natural grasses return and dominate – lowering the productivity of the field.

The solution is PRIMUS. This mixture is a timothy, meadow fescue and white clover ley which has proven over many years to thrive in wet conditions.

With good ley management, PRIMUS will give you:

  • A ley that will persist on problem, wet fields
  • Cuts of hay and silage
  • High yields of quality grazing

Available as Organic or Conventional seed in 1 Acre (10 Kilo) bags.

PRIMUS is excellent for producing non-ryegrass hay, which is particularly good for horses.

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