Paddocks used for grazing horses or ponies need different grasses to those used for other farm livestock.

PRIZE is a premium quality grass mixture designed specifically for equines. It does not contain agricultural ryegrass or clover, which are too high in sugar for equines (especially when kept at the young stage by grazing).

PRIZE contains grass varieties that provide the best grazing for equines

With good pasture management, PRIZE will give you:

  • First class grazing for your horses over many years
  • A quality hay or haylage crop, if required.

Available in 1 Acre (10 Kilo) bags as Organic or Conventional seed.

PRIZE and Agri Grant Schemes:

PRIZE meets the criteria for the English Agri Grant Scheme SW7 and can therefore be used to revert arable land to grassland with low fertiliser input.

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