Western Seeds (WS) Arable Silage mixtures are a mixture of cereal and forage peas, and are unique to Western Seeds.

They have been designed to ensure the successful reseeding of a new ley in such a way that you get a weed-free, thick, dense new ley which is clean (worm-free).

Our WS Arable Silage mixtures allow you to achieve the full potental from the grass mixture sown and so maximum profit over the length of the ley.

Two WS Arable Silage mixtures are available as either 70% Organic seed or Conventional seed:

  • DUET - barley/pea mixture
  • TRIUMPH - oat/pea mixture

Sow at 50 Kgs/Acre.

WS Arable Silage is NOT a wholecrop

Wholecrop is typically harvested in 15 to 16 weeks, when the grain is at the cheesy stage. This is not good for resseding because the cereal cover is on the seedling grass too long. The result is too much grass being lost due to lack of light and a thin, weedy ley that doesn't perform well

WS Arable Silage mixtures are harvested in just 9 to 10 weeks, yielding 6+ x 600 kilo big bales per acre (approx).

Using WS Arable Silage makes up for any loss of herbage production when sowing grass in spring and allows better establishment of clover (especially red clover).

And you won't have any rats in the big bales or clamp - because there is no grain in the Arable Silage for them to eat.