Welcome to Western Seeds Ireland Ltd.

For over twenty years Western Seeds have been supplying quality seeds into Ireland.

Ireland has a very similar climate to Wales, which means that our Cereal Blends, Combicrops and Herbage seeds grow very well in Ireland.

Since Brexit we have created a new company - Western Seeds Ireland Ltd. - and set up a dedicated distribution site in Northern Ireland to facilitate the distribution of organic and conventional seed into Ireland.

You can be assured that the quality of the seed you have been accustomed to buying from Western Seeds will always be maintained.

Due to the recent high cost of postage to Ireland, we are unable to send you our yearly seed catalogue but our latest Western Seeds Ireland catalogue is available to view or download on this website.

Below you will find links to the range of organic and conventional seed available to sow in Ireland

You can also reserve your seed requirements for 2024 by using the dedicated Pre-order form.

As always, you are welcome to phone and discuss your seed requirements on:
+44(0) 1834 861 904

We supply the highest possible quality seed to Ireland at the most competitive price.

Every mixture we sell is a perfectly balanced recipe that has been researched, developed, tested and mixed by ourselves under strict quality control procedures.

All seed supplied to Ireland is fully certified

We will never compromise on seed quality.

You can reserve the seed you need using the Pre-order form