Our Mixtures

The potental for growing organic high yielding cereal and herbage crops in Ireland is excellent. For over 20 years, this view is confirmed on a yearly basis when we call on farmers in Ireland to look at their organic crops growing in the field.

Western Seeds introduced our unique Western Cereal Blends, Combicrops and Grass Seed mixtures to organic Irish farmers over twenty years ago, and they have proven in the field to be an outstanding success with many organic and conventional farmers.

By growing diverse crop mixtures, such as Western Cereal Blends, Combicrops and Grass Seed mixtures, much of the expected crop losses in yield from disease can be overcome in organic crop production.

Quality Control

All seeds marketed by Western Seeds Ireland Ltd. are comprised of the highest quality agricultural seeds. In most cases exceeding the U.K. official seed standards.

Since Brexit all seed marketed in Ireland has to go through further U.K. government seed testing procedures to comply with E.U. import seed regulations.

Furthermore, a proportion of organic seed is stopped at the ports and tested again.

Therefore, we can confirm that all seed sold into Ireland by Western Seeds is some of the most tested and documented seed in the world, giving you the confidence that the supply of organic and conventional seed from us is of the highest quality.

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