Whether you are an organic cereal farmer who can not use herbicides, fungicides and insecticides - or a conventional cereal farmer looking to reduce your reliance on these expensive artificial inputs - then our Western Cereal Blends are for you!

Western Cereal Blends have been successfully and profitably grown by both conventional and organic farmers in Ireland over many years.

Growing blends may not be a new concept, but we have developed and refined the process by bringing precision and accuracy into the mixtures we sell.

Using our knowlede of - and our access to - the very best cereal varieties available, it's no surprise that year-on-year sales of Western Cereal Blends continue to grow as our customers prove to themselves just how good they are!

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100% Organic OVATION - Western Wheat Blend

OVATION is a mixture of wheat varieties selected by us specifically for organic growers. The varieties chosen ripen at the same time and have good disease resistance to cereal fungal diseases.

OVATION can be combined dry, crimped or wholecropped.

Sow at 125 Kgs/Acre

ADVANCE - Western Barley Blend

The barley varieties used in ADVANCE have been specificaly selected to make the crop more resistant to variable yearly conditions in weather, fertility and field

ADVANCE is suitable to combine dry, crimp or for wholecrop for animal feed. It is not suitable for malting.

ADVANCE is available as 100% Organic seed or as Conventional seed.

Sow at 100 Kgs/Acre

100% Organic CONCERT - Western Oat Blend

CONCERT oat blend has consistently outperformed single oat plantings, meaning organic farmers can now achieve commercial standards with their oat crop

CONCERT is suitable to combine dry, crimp or for wholecrop for animal feed. It is also particularly liked by millers due to its high-quality grain sample.

Sow at 75 Kgs/Acre