Forage brassica crops have for many years been under-used or forgotten - which is unfortunate as they have enormous potential for the arable/grass/stock farmer.

Late summer forage brassica crops can be profitably put to work in organic and conventional farm rotations as a brassica break from cereals and grass.

They provide the ideal cover crop to utilise in autumn/winter before reseeding a field the following spring.

Below you will find details of our forage brassica mixtures available for delivery to Ireland.


Rapid is a first class blend of forage rape and a leafy stubble turnip.

It is fast to establish and produces a very palatable, high protein crop for all stock.

  • Direct Drill at 3 Kgs/Acre
  • Broadcast at 4 Kgs/Acre

Available as Conventional Seed, in 10 Kilo bags.


RAPID PLUS combines all the benefits of RAPID, with the additional benefits of added vetch which:

  • Improves the palatability of the feed
  • Increases soil nitrogen availability for future cropping in the spring
  • Gives the possibility of grazing the vetch in spring, before ploughing

Sow at 10 Kgs/Acre.

Available as 70% Organic Seed, in 10 Kilo bags.

For more information, please download our brochure