On this page you will find specialist mixtures designed by us to meet not only the herbage requirements of your farm but to thrive in the Irish climate.

The varieties we use in our mixtures are IRISH recommended list varieties and are highly rated on the Pasture Profit Index.

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70% Organic MAGNUM

Unique to Western seeds, organic MAGNUM is a long-term silage ley containing a mixture of red and white clover blended with proven quality high D-value grasses.

Available in 1 acre (14 Kg) bags.

Alternate sowings of MAGNUM with MELIOR works well to minimise red clover eelworm build-up in the soil.

70% Organic MAGNUM PLUS

Organic MMAGNUM PLUS has all the benefits of MAGNUM but contains 4 kilos of red clover.

It is, therefore, suitable for the Red Clover Silage Measure (RCSM) reseeding grant, available in the Republic of Ireland.

Available in 1 acre (14 Kg) bags.

70% Organic MELIOR

Organic MELIOR is an outstanding herbage mixture unique to Western Seeds and contains high D-value grasses with white clovers. It will give at least 4 cuts of high-quality forage a year, over five years with good crop management. It can also be used as a grazing ley, giving an early bite for cows, cattle and sheep.

Available in 1 acre (13 Kg) bags.

70% Organic BONUS

One of our most popular mixes because of its all-round versatility. Each year only the very best perennial ryegrass herbage variaeties are selected for our organic BONUS.

Available in 1 acre (13 Kg) bags.

70% Organic PRIMUS

Organic PRIMUS, with its mixture of timothy meadow fescu and white clover, is proven over many years to produce a ley that will persist on problem, wet fields.

Available in 1 acre (10 Kg) bags.

70% Organic SALVUS

Organic SALVUS has been specifically formulated by us to quickly restore damaged leys to their full productivity withut the need to plough them up.

Broadcast or direct drill at 5 to 10 Kgs/Acre, depending on the original grass condition.

Available in 15 Kg bags.

70% Organic PREMIUM

Specifically designed as a cover crop for under-sowing spring-sown cereals. The carefully selected grasses in organic PREMIUM will not grow through the cereal crop and so will not cause problems at harvest.

Sow at 4 to 5 Kgs/Acre.

Available in 15 Kg bags.

70% Organic HARMONY Dual Purpose Herbal Ley

There is an ever-growing interest in herbal leys for the environmental benefits they bring.

Our HARMONY duel purpose herbal ley is a specialist herbage mixture that is suitable for the Irish Multispecies Sward Measure Agri Grant Scheme.

It contains strong rooting grassess and herbs to produce a thick, weed surpressing sward which is highly palatable. With good management it will last 5+ years.

Available in 1 acre (12 Kg) bags.