Farmers have utilised naturally occurring herbs in their grazing and conservation leys for many years.

In low rainfall areas, with free draining soils, limited top soil or in fields mismanaged over many years, deep rooting herbs, together with compatible grasses (such as cocksfoot, timothy and meadow fescue) herbs can help:

  • Alleviate soil compaction
  • Improve poor soil structure
  • Increase soil “sponge” humus
  • Increase the amount of harvestable herbage for stock over the summer months

A suitable well-established herbal ley is also very palatable to all stock.

Many herbs, if grown in sufficient quantities have anthelmintic properties – so reducing the need for artificial wormers.

Our herbs and clover seed can be added to your preferred grass seed to create your own herbal ley, or over-sown on to existing leys to improve the ley’s quality.

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