A Proven Leap Forward in Modern-day Farming

Whether you are an organic cereal farmer who can not use herbicides, fungicides and insecticides - or are a conventional cereal farmer looking to reduce your reliance on these expensive artificial inputs - then our Western Seeds Cereal Blends are for you!

Since our foundation we have invested profits into research and development directed at ways of growing cereal crops which give profitable yields without the use of chemical inputs. Thereby lowering overall input costs whilst protecting the environment.

Our Cereal Blends were an early result of this trial work and these blends have now been successfully and profitably grown by both conventional and organic farmers in the UK over many years.

Whilst growing blends is not a new concept, we have developed and refined the concept by bringing precision and accuracy into the process.

Using our knowlede of (and access to) the very best cereal varieties available, it is no surprise that year-on-year sales of our Cereal Blends continue to grow as our customers prove to themselves just how good they are!

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