High Total Yield - High Crop Quality - High Financial Rewards

All farmers need a simple and cost effective way to grow cereals and protein to feed their stock. Now they can, with Combicrop®

Combicrop® is a registered brand and is unique to Western Seeds.

Each Combicrop® mixture is a precise blend of spring cereal and a spring combinable pea, formulated by ourselves.

Combicrops® have been grown successfully over many years by farmers in both the UK and Ireland.

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Why Grow Combicrop®:

  • With a 50% increase in protein above straight cereals, Combicrop® enables you to grow a 13% to 18% protein concentrate - so eliminating the requirement of bought-in protein
  • Growing Combicrop® for sale with its increased protein percentage translates directly into a higher price per tonne of grain-pulses sold
  • Environmentally beneficial: the combination of cereals and peas minimises foliar disease and the free residual nitrogen produced by the peas is saved for the next crop
  • Extremely versatile: you can combine it dry, crimp it, or Wholecrop it

See below for details of the different types of Combicrop® currently available: